The evolution of the spot

Vinny Warren has written up a great evolution of the TV spot over here on The Escape Pod.

This line struck me:

I would argue that since TV no longer is the single most dominant medium, the whole concept of brand planning should be rethought entirely. And I’m not sure it has.

Love to find out how wrong I am dear planner readers 😉

From where I am sitting, I would argue the same.

TV is easy to test. It’s easy to adapt. It’s easy to evaluate.

If we really want the big players to play big in other media, these media will have to prove themselves to be easily adaptable and testable.

But beyond that, TV is the one medium, that can explain an organising/connection/big idea best. And its short format (a little obstruction if you like) forces creative teams to make ideas simple.

There are many who these days have prematurely written the obituary of the TV spot.

I for one think its death is severely over-estimated.

Perhaps scheduled broadcast programming is dead.

But simplicity. Power of the idea. These tenets of great TV will never die.


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