Ideas for good

Everywhere we are seeing initiatives pop up in the quest to develop “ideas
for good”. And however noble these seem (and personally I find these
initiatives very interesting), there is something wrong with the notion of
ideas for good.

What is the opposite of ideas for good? Ideas for bad? Are the ideas we create and execute in the normal course of our business not good? Do they not create value too?

All ideas should aim to create value. To be for the good of all. It is a far more valiant effort to conduct business by aiming to create purpose and to consider sustainability, upliftment and value with every creative effort than to soothe our consciences with a shocking poster against {insert social issue here} after a hard day of capitalism.

If we have this north star for every idea – to build value and purpose – in the long run the brands we create these ideas for will be successful – whether they are car manufacturers, fast movers of consumer goods or a movement to promote the eating disorders.

Ideas create value. If they don’t, they shouldn’t make it out of the agency in the first place.



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