I want to tell you a secret

I want to tell you a secret.

There is magnetism in those words.

As soon as our infant brains start to grasp words and sentences, we are susceptible to the irresistable attraction of unknowable knowledge.

It is something so fundamental about human nature and communication, yet almost impossible for most agency clients to understand. Most of the time, agencies are forced to hammer every single fact home. To bring everything that there is to know into the light.

There was a time that the so-called teaser campaign could be used to great effect to peak the interest in something. Secretive, seductive, beautifully timed and slowly unravelling its message like a slow striptease.

Unfortunately most teaser campaigns now end up looking like cons.

“Let’s trick them into thinking this is a real person’s facebook profile.”

“Let’s pretend this travel blog is written by a real person.”

This kind of deception doesn’t work in today’s naked glare of social media.

If you’re going to tease, add some class and be honest about it.

And if you’re producing communication, leave something to the imagination. Keep a sense of mystery – always. Keep them guessing, keep them always wanting to come back for more.

Let the streisand effect be the wind in your sails.


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