Permission to be creative

LinkedIn has just released its list of top ten buzzwords on member profiles for 2011.

“Creative” has come out of nowhere to claim the top spot in a number of the biggest markets around the world, including the United States.

Some cynics and their commenters have detracted this phenomenon as a sign that those “without hard skills” resort to calling themselves creative as a way of puffing out their profiles.

I think there is something more interesting happening here. Interesting and encouraging.

The first step of being more creative is giving oneself permission to be creative. It is a conscious decision you have to make. I am creative.

The fact that more people are calling themselves so on their profiles means that more people are making that decision.

In this time, as dark economic clouds gather on the horizon, this is encouraging as ingenuity is the only resource that cannot be depleted and can create value out of nothing.


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