Why Apple’s Textbook tools are awesome

Apple just announced a bunch of new tools and a programme to bring interactive text books on the iPad to US schools.

Essentially they are aiming to improve the learning experience by making a platform for textbooks available on the iPad.

Watch the video here.

The announcement is getting a lot of flak all over the Web.

Actually, it is awesome.

Increased ingenuity in society is deeply tied into education and the free availability of ideas and hunches. Better ideas come from better access to information. For our society, education should be the priority of investment. And now, Apple, is laying the tracks for doing exactly that. But all the naysayers, those who see the world for what it is instead of what it can be, is talking about the breakability of iPads, the price of investment and of course, how Apple is trying to monopolise education.

The fact is that the textbook authoring tool is freely available, and anyone will be able to create courses for anyone. This in itself sits at the heart of a better global society that creates the best possible conditions for lots of ideas to flourish.



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