Real protection of the creative community

I’ve been interested to scan through the MPAA’s blog commenting on this week’s blackout to protest the proposed new anti-piracy legislation in the US.

The MPAA, among others, seem to be in favour of this legislation to “protect the American creative community”.

However, most of the anti-SOPA protestors on Wednesday, were people from the American creative community.

Where is the disconnect?

If the legislation is so clear then why does it need constant explanation?

Or is that it seems Orwellian in the gaps it leaves?

Does the creative community even want government protection?

What is needed here, are not vague laws that could harm the openness of the internet, but innovative thinking about inventing new business models that work in a new open and connected world – where media is easily downloadable and distributable.

The open internet has made it easier for the creative community to publish their work and profit from their talents.

Just ask Louis CK.

Or Amanda Hocking.

It seems as if the MPAA understood this, they would be lobbying for more roundtable discussions on how to make an open internet work harder for the creative community.


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