Happy people

This is a tough thing to say for somebody who makes a living out of advertising.

But the best advertising you can make, is investing in people. Boosting their creativity. Ensuring their happiness in your organisation. Because if you do, you would fill your company with people like Chris King, aged 27 and a ⅓.

When little Lilly Robinson, aged 3 and a ½ wrote in to Sainsbury’s to ask if Tiger Bread shouldn’t rather be called Giraffe Bread, he wrote her a response that has reverberated across the internet. By the time it appeared on my Facebook wall, it had already been shared 147’000 times.

Lilly and Chris

Not bad for an investment of a postage stamp, a sheet of A4 paper, an envelope and a £3 gift card. And of course, one creative, happy employee.



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