Finally, a great application for those blasted QR codes that creatives use to “demonstrate” their “understanding” of “digital”.

Click here, lol

(QR code sin includes placing them on billboards where drive-by snapping would be impossible or where typing in the address would simply be easier.)

Monmouth, a town in (Jimmy!) Wales has placed plaques with QR codes on all its important sites, linking straight back to the living encyclopedia.

So when you want to know what’s the what with a place, snap and learn.

More info here:



So today is indeed May the 4th and the interwebs is creaking under the Star Wars Day celebrations.

Which means I stumbled upon these delightful spots for TomTom. Not sure how old they are, but they are delightful.

Enjoy. And yeah, may the blah blah.


Here’s an idea out of Droga5, New York, that will put hair on an angel’s chest. This is just a metaphor of course.

Whenever you cut yourself shaving, you can use a special plaster to stop the bleeding. This plaster can then be sent in to a central repository where a bone marrow registry is being built.

Two important insights connected and a new idea that could save thousands of lives is born.

That is the power of creativity.